War Room the Movie Review

26 Aug

My Review of the Movie

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 @ 7pm

I had the privilege of attending a special viewing of the new movie War Room that debuts in theaters Friday August 28. A special thanks to 106.9 the Light for offering VIP tickets for an early viewing in the Upstate of SC. Also a special thanks to Sony Pictures for allowing movies like these to be played on the big screen. The movie theater at Spartan 16 in Spartanburg, SC was completely packed with people anticipating an uplifting, challenging, as well as encouraging movie.

The central theme of the movie surrounded around the title War Room. A war room was where men at battle would enter in to strategize plan to direct the war or the battle. As many at combat would enter into this war room, believers must know that their battles are best fought by submitting to God as the One who will fight for them. Today, many are battling or warring every day without a battle plan or direction and need to develop a plan to direct the war.

A negative (if any) about this movie as well as many other inspirational movies, is the evident belief for some that belief in God will remove the consequences that result from people’s sins. While the idea of prosperity gospel might be understood by some, it was encouraging to see the movie portray the consequences of one’s sin evident even after they finally surrendered to God. A character in the movie experienced God’s grace and mercy, but still had to work through the consequences or possible consequences that resulted because of their actions.

I am not a big “Self-help” movie attendee; in fact I do not attend many movies because of the cost of them. I found War Room to be powerful, scriptural, as well as a real life movie that should have every believer walk away feeling challenged and encouraged to pray that God will show them someone they can teach how to be a better follower of Christ or disciple. As a 20 year veteran minister of the Gospel, I have seen trends come and go in the religious spectrum as far as inspirational movies or ideas. I pray this movie will not be another trend or program, but a movement that will spark believers to tuly “Make Disciples that Make Disciples”.

I strongly urge every believer to: 1) Attend this movie the first week it comes out to let Sony Pictures know we want these movies in theaters, 2) Invite a friend (believer and nonbeliever) to go see it, 3) Pray for someone you can invest your life in, 4) Pray God uses the clear presentation of the gospel in this movie in a mighty way that convicts, and 5) Pray about buying a ticket or two to give away.

A final note about this movie, I believe that believers (followers of Christ) at some point in their lives will face a “crisis of belief” that will bring them face to face with their Creator God. At that moment, believers will either choose to surrender to God expecting Him to do the impossible through faith or continue to pray without genuine faith. It is time we pray with the conviction, faith, and confidence regularly believing that God will do what He says He will do.

Go see this movie! Buy your ticket today! Be in prayer for those who will see this movie.


Intentional discipleship/Making disciples that making disciples

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