Invader #2: Anger; Taming the Hulk Inside You

28 Mar

Enemies of the Heart

How can you break free from the Four Emotions that Control You?

Week 4 Invader #2: Anger; Taming the Hulk Inside You

Secrets lose their power when exposed to light.

 Guilt: I owe you (Remedy is confession)

Anger: You owe me (Remedy is forgiveness)

Greed: I owe me

Jealousy: God owes me

Tonight, were discussing the second of the Enemies of the Heart that have the potential to destroy your heart and poison your relationships, your faith, and your character.

Introductory Video!!

Webster’s Dictionary Defines a strong passion or emotion of displeasure or antagonism, excited by a real or supposed injury or insult to one’s self or others, or by the intent to do such injury.

Anger says: You owe me

 Anger says “You owe me.” Anger is the result of not getting something we want.

The root of anger is the perception that something has been taken,” explains Andy. “Something is owed you. And now a debt-to-debtor relationship has been established.” It is the most obvious and perhaps most dangerous. Anger leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

 Play the Video!!

Which are you:

1) Implosive person.

2) Explosive person.

3) In denial.

 Humanity’s Remedy:

1) Pay back the debt or get back what is owed.

2) Cancel the debt… (Can it?)

The tragedy is that it can’t be paid back. Anger that is lodged in our hearts, will result eventually with the attitude that everyone owes them. “A person with anger lodged in their hearts is a sick person.”

 How long will an angry person allow people they don’t even like-people who are no longer in their life, maybe people who aren’t even alive anymore-to control your life? (That’s sick!!)

So What?

1) Decide you can be free.

2) Stop using your story, everyone has a story, as an excuse.

Come to the point that you allow God to use it as a testimony of what He can do.

Right remedy: Forgiveness

How do you forgive?

Ephesians 4:31

1) “Get rid of…” or “to remove; to separate yourself from”

2) “all”

Deal with the source…

Ephesians 4:31-32a

1) Extend kindness/compassion to the ones that make us angry.

2) Forgive: enables us to work from a kind and compassionate heart.

Ephesians 4:32a&b

3) Complete concept of forgiveness

-Attitude of forgiveness mirrors what God did for us.


Do you know how you get rid of your guilt?   Confess.

Confession that Eases v. Confession that Leads to Change

The average church’s/student’s approach to confession is an insult to our Heavenly Father. –Andy Stanley, p. 96

Confession means …to admit or acknowledge; to agree with…

(Numbers 5:6-7)

Confession is just one step in a sequence of steps that lead the guilty out of the darkness and into the light; it is simply the beginning of a process that leads to a changed lifestyle or behavior. (Stanley, 97)

1) Confession is public (Mark 1:4-5)

2) Confession should lead to life change (James 5:15-16)

3) Confession that is open has the POWER to break the cycle of sin

“Got any secrets you are carrying – is everything OK in your heart.  Are you jealous?  – Jesus said I have the solution: confess, forgive, give and celebrate.”

Make this your prayer…


Jesus: “My goal is not that you spend the rest of your life being careful of what you say and of what you do. My goal is that you give me total access to your heart and if you will give me total access to your heart, I will do a work in here that will transform your words and transform your behavior and you know that you can live a holy life… but because you allow me to do something inside of you that ultimately will be reflected in your world around you.”

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